JapanExpress enables all listed companies in Japan to instantaneously convert their Japanese financial information to English and disseminate it to global financial community by using of XBRL data which Japanese listed companies as one of the world’s earliest adopters are required to prepare.
Foreign investors will be able to utilize JapanExpress for free of charge in order to select companies for their investment portfolios. Conversely, domestic listed companies will be able to use the IR Space in the JapanExpress.
JapanExpress is Japan’s first English portal site that combines the features of IR portal and English financial information database of all listed companies in Japan.
JapanExpress Key Features:
1. All English Contents
  • Company Overview
  • Summary of Tanshin (i.e. Summary Report on most Recent Financial Results which include quarterly results)
  • Consolidated Financial Statements (including quarterly results)
  • Four (4) Charts of Major Financial Figures
  • Profit Analysis(only registered users)
  • Ranking(only registered users)
2. Timely Data Collection
  • Record immediately after receiving the data from the Tokyo Stock Exchange
    (Note: it may take slightly longer than usual during the periods which many companies make their earnings announcements.)
  • To inform new filing documents submitted by the companies in your watchlist
3. Free Quick Search and Browsing
  • Search companies, industries and etc..
4. IR Space for Domestic Companies (paid service)
  • Hyperlink to their English home pages and etc.
5. Available using a Browser with Smartphones and Tablets
Financial information of all listed companies in Japan
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All English contents

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